Welcome to Eashan Consultants

Eashan Consultants’ is a company that offers inspection and expediting services catering to fabrication, machining, steel foundry and forgings. The company has experienced inspectors and expeditors available on a daily or monthly (residential) basis.

  • Inspection Services

    • Pressure vessels, Steel Structures and welded construction
    • Pressure vessels, Steel Structures and welded construction
    • Piping, flanges, gate and ball valve, bolting
    • Testing of equipment
    • Painting inspection
    • Pre shipment packing
    • Review of quality documents and final folder
  • Expediting Services

    • Follow up for drawing approvals
    • Quality plans
    • Delivery schedules
    • Bottleneck Identification / Resolution
    • Contractual delivery time monitoring with the required quality levels
    • Raising alarm at the right time
    • Remedial actions recommendation during slippage
    • Shipping Coordination
  • Vendor Selection Assessment

    • Vendors’ premises and facilities assessment
    • Vendor/Supplier ability to deliver to the orders – Assessment
    • Suppliers and vendor’s adherence to all relevant statutory regulations and quality standards

    Detailed assessment report that aids in making informed procurement decisions

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